Echo Valley Natives nursery is located in a quiet little valley on the banks of the Abernethy Creek just outside historic, Oregon City, OR and on the site of the old Abernethy Shingle Mill.  Our close proximity to both woodlands and the Abernethy creek allows us the unique opportunity of having naturally occurring demonstration gardens.  In addition, we have added beds and potted plantings around the nursery in various micro-climates to demonstrate how native plants might be used.  This location offers our customers a more realistic look at how and where native plants grow, their growth habits and size, as well as their relationships to birds, fish, and wildlife.


Our goal at Echo Valley Natives is to offer a wide variety of quality native plants to the public in hopes that it will minimize the devastating results of wild digging.  The majority of our plant stocks are grown from seed, cuttings, or division, while a small amount of our plants are purchased from reputable growers who share in our ethics.  


We strive to use biodynamic growing practices with our plant material and reduce impact on the natural environment surrounding the nursery.  By using alternative methods to control pests and weeds and limiting the use of fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides we hope to keep the land and creek in balance so that the local birds, fish, wildlife, and beneficial insects will continue to thrive in their natural habitat.


Echo Valley Natives, the Abernethy Creek, and surrounding area are home to a river otter, tree frogs, red legged frogs, salamanders, newts, piliated woodpeckers, a family of red-tailed hawks as well as many other species of birds and fowl, white-tailed deer, black-tailed deer, coyotes, raccoons, squirrels and rabbits.  We also enjoy the occasional fly-by of the osprey and bald eagle.  Our portion of the Abernethy Creek is currently involved in a study to promote and increase natural populations of trout, steelhead, and salmon.


We invite you to come and stroll through our nursery where each season offers its own unique additions to the scenery.


- Beth and crew
Echo Valley Natives